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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ok, geesh, I know it has been waaayyy to long since I made a blog post but I've been meaning to get around to it. You guys have to understand, with being downrange and getting close to the leave date when i'm up out of here is a lot to deal with. But I got some new found things I want to post about. This being one of them. I have finally got the art of CONTOURING AND HIGHLIGHTING down pat. Sorry for my crappy ipod pictures but all the same you can see how I did.
Essentially this is how your face should look after you've contoured and highlighted, when you take a picture with the flash even during daylight, it should bounce off the high parts of your face and the shadows of your face should be dark of course. In this pic I contoured near my hairline, my jaw, the hollows of my cheek, and my nose. I highlighted under my eye, the tops of my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose and my forehead. I also highlighted the inner corner of my eyes and under my brows and my cupids bow.
HIGHLIGHT: Laura Mercier secret brightener #2 on nose, under eye,tops of cheek and forehead, highlight eyeshadow color for brows and inner corner eye, elf lip definer and shaper for cupids bow
CONTOUR: Elf blush and bronzer duo in Antigua contour on hairline, jaw, hollow of cheek, sides of nose and the blush for cheeks

In these next pics I actually used concealer to highlight and contour. I applied revlons colorstay concealer in deep in a triangle under both eyes, in a little circle on my forehead, above my brows and on my chin. I then blended it out with a regular ol blending sponge. As for the contouring I used ELF's concealer palette in dark. the dark colors were used to contour the hollows of my cheeks, forhead and the sides of my nose.

Here you can clearly see the highlighted parts of my face and the contouring I did on my forehead.

These pics came out pretty blurry, but were taken at night in my room with the flash of my ipod...but you guys can clarly see the contrast from both products on my face. My forehead, undereye, cheeks and chin are much lighter than the rest of my face where the shadows are hitting, but not so much that's its too light and ashy looking. You can achieve this by using a concealer at least 2 shades lighter than your skintone. If you are new at this I recommend going to get color matched instead of picking on your own. I just used a concealer I forgot I had that was too light to use, or at least I thought was too light to use.

Contour pic from the side...

How do you contour and highlight??

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

V-Day Makeup Made Simple

Are you staying home with the hubby for Valentine's day and just having a nice quiet dinner, or are you guy's going out somewhere for dinner? Either way you still want to look your best on this day even with just some simple makeup. For the non-extravagant makeup enthusiasts, here's a very simple but still very CUTE v-day look.
This look is simple because you can piece it apart or together to fit your needs, don't want to wear foundation, skip it and just apply brush and bronzer, don't want to wear eyeshdow, skip it and just apply foundation and blush and blush or bronzer? Make just your eyes the center of attention, he'll be gazing in them all night anyhow. Here's what you'll need for this look.


  • mineral infused face primer (clear)
  • tinted moisturizer (expresso)
  • complete coverage concealer (dark)
  • tone correcting powder (warm)
  • pressed powder (almond)
  • eyelid primer (pearl)
  • baked eyeshadow (pixie)
  • baked eyeshadow (bark)
  • pigment shadow (innocent ivory)
  • jumbo eyeshadow stick (feeling lucky)
  • waterproof eyeliner crayon (champagne)
  • liquid liner (coffee)
  • eyebrow lifter and filler (dark)
  • contouring blush and bronzer (turks and caicos)
  • mineral blush (plum)
  • liquid lipstick (perfect pink)
Prime your face using the face primer
prime your eyelids next
taking the baked shadow in pixie apply this color from the inner corner to about halfway your lid
using the baked shadow in bark shade the rest of your lid and the outter V for definition and transition
line your top lashline with the liuid liner in coffee
line your bottom waterline with the eyeliner crayon in champagne
line only the outer third of your lower lashline with the jumbo eyeshadow stick in feeling lucky
fill in and shape brows with the lifter and filler, use a little of the liter under the arch of your brows
taking the pigment eyeshadow shade from your crease to the arch of your brow
Apply your tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck
conceal any ares that need concealing and powder them with the tone correct powder for added neautralizing
apply your pressed powder all over your face to set everything
apply the blush to the apples of the cheek and sweep back into the hairline
apply bronzer directly under blush for contouring
finish off with the liquid lipstick in perfect pink

What's your valentine's day look??

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Designer Jewelry ***$8.99***

I just checked my e-mail this morning and saw 1 from Jewelmint. I havent been on the website in awhile but I was curious to see what the e-mail contained. Well I'm sooo glad I opened it  because they have a special promo going on right NOW!! 2 IN FACT!! HOW EXCITING

You cannot beat that seriously, a $30 necklace for only $8.99 c'mon people...SHOP!!


For those of you who don't know what jewelmint is, its a membership website, where you basically become a member for free and you get exclusive access to designer jewelry for so cheap and the designs and quality are very nice. They have pics of the models wearing the jewelry too so you can guesstimate the size because I know things look huge on the internet but when you get them in person it's like huh?? What's this??

You get reward points and things like that also for making purchases and also referring friends. These points go toward your purchases and you get even more discounts off of these amazing items.

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