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Sunday, December 9, 2012

E.L.F. Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks

Ok so these long awaited items were the talk of facebook, instagram, and twitter once E.L.F let out word that these would soon be released. Many Elfettes (INCLUDING ME) could not wait
 These jumbo eyeshadow sticks are super pigmented and glide so smoothly and creamy it's like it simply melts onto your eye. I think this is where E.L.F made their mistake with these. I believe they are to creamy to the point where they crease terribly if you have no primer/base underneath them. Also they seem to just wearaway and look like there was never an shadow there if you do not either, use a base, or set them with a pigment or powder eyeshadow. With a primer these sticks are even still JUST OK.
These swatches are accurate, even though they were taken with a webcam, im getting a new Samsung NX-1000 20.3 megapixel camera hopefully in the next 3 weeks so pictures of swatches will be of better quality for you. Any who the colors i purchased were


Many ladies picked these up in the hopes of replacing their NYX jumbo eyeshadow sticks.
Because of the pigmentation, i would give these a 3/5* rating :( boo. The white packaging causes messy fingerprints to get onto it and from sliding it across your eye it smears on the packaging, causing a not so cute look for these. These also don't blend very well together, you really have to work for some blending and if you use a brush you might blend it all away. All in all these can be of good use as a nice base to make eyeshadows more vibrant, but alone these are simply hard to work with and crease happy ( :D ha silly me) Are these a dupe for the NYX sticks?? I believe they can be if you plan to only use these as a base. Im pretty sure you would do just fine working with these.

Here is a look I created using The baked eyeshadow in "BURNT PLUM" and the eyeshadow sticks in "BALI BOUND" "TURKISH COFFEE" AND "FEELING LUCKY" Like I said, if you can work with them, then they are ok :)

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