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Sunday, December 9, 2012

E.l.f (My love for it)

So I thought you guys should know about the LOVE, LOVE relationship I have going on with the makeup company E.L.F cosmetics. This affordable line of makeup features everything from foundations (liquid and powder) to lipsticks (in the form of gloss, and twist tubes) and everything in between, including tinted moisturizers, radiance enhancers, and even wrinkle refiners. But the thing that's get me with E.L.F is not their extensive line of products...oh no, ITS THE PRICE TAG!! This company has 3 different makeup lines-Essential: ranging from $1-$2, Studio: ranging from $3-$6, and lastly the mineral line: ranging from $3-$8.

   How affordable is that?? Now, I know you might be thinking with these prices the quality is lacking, packages may be cheap, and products a mess and complete waste of time. I'm here to show you guys this is absolutely not the case with this brand. With E.L.F you don't have to sacrifice quality because of your budget. You can get high end dupes,good quality, and a whole makeup kit full of things from E.L.F but still hold tight to that budget you may have.
P.s. before I forget, E.L.F is also a VEGAN COMPANY AND IS ACCPETED BY PETA, vegan makeup for this price, you cannot go wrong, plus E.L.F does a new promo code every few days, so you never have to pay full price for most items, and they almost always have a free shipping option too (shipping is $6.95)
Stick with me Beauty Guru's and I'll show you how I make E.L.F cosmetics work for me, even all the way out here in Afghanistan.

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