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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

E.L.F's Keri Hilson Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I had been wanting to recreate this beautiful green liner look on Keri Hilson ever since I saw it in one of  E.L.F's beauty blog tutorials. But I didn't have the products I needed at the time such as a green liner, the eye transformer, or lashes. In my latest E.L.F. haul u know i picked up some lashes, and the eye transformer. My liner had came already before that haul. So i was ready and anxious to recreate this look. I did my best and I think it came out beautifully. Im still working on getting a good quality camera, so my pics will be better quality. Anywho if you want to recreate this dazzling look like I did, here's the products you'll need, AND a step by step on how I achieved this look.


  • E.l.f. holiday lashes
  • E.l.f. kohl liner
  • E.l.f. shimmer eye pencil (black bandit)
  • E.l.f  liquid eyeliner (black, forest green)
  • E.l.f  eye transformer
  • E.l.f. eyebrow kit (dark)
  • E.l.f. little black beauty book (warm edition)


  • Start by applying lashes first, this will ensure you don't make the line of your liner too large
  • Line the entire rim of your eyes and waterline and tight line using the kohl liner and shimmer eyeliner pencil
  • line the top lashline with the liquid eyeliner in black
  • line above the black liner with the forest green liner
  • let both dry before using an eyeliner brush to sweep on the green shadow from the eyetransformer
  • use mascara on both your lashes and the falsies
  • use a neautral shimmer shade from the warm edition book to lightly dust on the rest of your eye
  • fill in or shape brows with eyebrow kit

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