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Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Impression (GET GLOWING) E.l.F. Radiant Glow face primer

Ladies, I have a review/first impression for a new product from E.L.F It's a fave by most people, and some absolutely hate it. Me personally, I Love It. It's the mineral infused face primer :D. This little baby retails for $6 on the eyeslipsface website, and it claims to give you a smooth canvas to work with whilst applying your makeup. For me it does just that. But I'm not here to talk about the original formula. E.L.F has come out with new shades for this primer, in tone correcting green, brightening lavender, and a radiant glow primer. I picked up the radiant glow!!!

Now, i noticed that the packaging was different, and i believe this was due to the fact the pump in the original packaging was a dud!! But I can honestly say that this new "improved" pump, isnt much better :/ It took me awhile (like 10minutes) of pumping the new product before i got anything to dispense and when it SPLATTERED...GROSS. I'm not sure if it's going to do this everytime or not but so far its a dud also. 
As you can see the packaging is slightly different. (old model on the left, new on the right) Seems like they are giving you a bit more product, since there isnt much excess packaging on the newer model. It's still .49oz like the older 1 though. MEH

But anywho, the radiant glow claims to give your skin a luminous glow and flawless base before applying the rest of your makeup. I havent tried this on my face but so far i have tested this on the back of my hand and i can't pick it up on camera ( i wish i had my new hd cam :(...) but i did apply this on the back of my hand, and then put my tinted moisturizer (also from elf) on top of it and I could still see the glowiness and shimmer under it. Now granted I really dont have any heavy foundations with me to see if it would show up under a medium-full coverage foundation, but under tinted moisturizer it would be perfect. I'm mostly going to use this on dull gray days so i can look more luminous and have that healthy glowy skin look :D.The actual product itself is a gold color, and has a shimmer/sheen to it. This is what the product looks like...
Dispensed out of pump...
blended out a little...
completely blended out :)
So far I like this product and can't wait to use it, since the original 1 lasts all day and has my makeup last all day. 

Do you have this product...lemme know what YOU think beauties??

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