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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Haulage TIME!!!

Ok beauty bloggers...ITS HAULAGE TIME!!!
I just got my e.l.f. (eyes,lips,face) package from my cyber monday order, and I immediately dove in to see my goodies :)!! Luckily though the only thing I opened was my nail cube and e.l.f actually sent me 2 OF THOSE, 1 free...woot woot. So let's get into what i got from them.

First things first, since I was coming on this deployment, i couldn't bring my whole makeup collection out here, so I needed to order a few things to help me create different looks, so the first thing i picked up were the 32 piece eyeshadow palettes in "Everyday" and "Brights".I have 3 palette's like this from e.l.f. in my collection at home and the quality varies from palette to palette. I have the spring editions in warm and cool, and the original 32 piece palette. The warm palette is kind of sucky but the cool is absolutely beautiful and the original 32 piece is equally wonderful so I'm hoping these will be too since there are some really nice colors in there. Check my review on them later on this week.
I also picked up their pigment shadows, I've used them before but I only had the teal color and the dark blue so I decided to pick up the rest of the colors except for the purple 1, it was sold out, boo :( So Can't wait to play in those :).

I also picked up 2 of the NEW lustrous eyeshadows to try out, and now im sorry I waited until my order i placed like two days ago to pick up the rest. Now I have to wait on them to come in. Oh well, I picked up Toast and Confetti. Confetti will be a nice glittery base for my christmas look and tutorial :)

Next I have a baked bronzer in Los Cabos, I love my baked bronzer in Maui, even though i don't contour with it, it adds a nice glow to my face, I'm hoping this 1 will too. Then I have my blush in Glow which is a really pretty color and also the tinted moisturizer in spice. I love the studio one in Expresso, but it's getting a bit dark for me :(

These lotion wipes are the bomb diggity. I tried 1 already, tee hee, but the scent is Vanilla sugar cookie, perfect for holidays, and the lash kit will be used for future makeup looks and the new face primer in radiant glow will be perfect to give me that golden glowy holiday face (I hope :/)

I wanted to try the eye transformer so i just threw it into my cart along with a flat eyeliner brush and a repurchase of my fave eyeliner for my bottom lashline, the boldly bronzed shimmer pencil.

 Last I picked up the 14 piece nail set. 14 bottles of e.l.f. mini polish, many of them are shades they don't sell in the bigger bottles, i guess they are holiday editions, Can't wait to use them on my toes.
Well Beauty's this concludes my e.l.f hauling. Most of these products will have reviews, and even eye tutorials uploaded within the next week, so make sure to check for that. Did you get something from E.l.f during cyber monday...lets share hauls loves <3


  1. Jealous of your haul >_< Please post swatches of the Long Lasting Lustrous in the UK aren't able to get our hands on them yet ='(

  2. Ok, i'll get on that asap...i have the other colors coming in also because i was so mad at myself for only ordering 2 shades hahaha its ok though