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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Overall I am just really really impressed with the 14 piece nail polish cube from E.L.F I mean i jsut got it today and I literally want to paint each of my nails a different color with each polish. Its just that good. Now wear time, i have no idea, but since most of these are going on my toes anyway, I know I can get a wear time of at least a week with no chips. You get 14 mini bottles of polish, and many of them are new holiday editions. Like 1 glitter confetti topcoat is sooo gorgeous, I can't wait to wear it. The hunter green is to die for, and there are many other unique shades in there too. I don't think this product got enough recognition by most. Some say the 15 piece nail set is better simply because it has bigger bottles, and prettier colors. But most of the colors are colors that elf already sells on their website, and that have been out for a really long time. These on the other hand are brand spankin' new. E.L.F did add a couple of these as full bottle polishes, and idk if they are limited edition for the holidays or not. I just really thought this was too good a deal to pass up on and they even lowered the price from $14.00 to $10.00 Even more of a steal...E.L.F accidently sent me 2 of these sets but only charged me for 1 so i gave the other to my room mate who also thought the colors were beautiful. I'm wearing "GLAMOUR GIRL" on my toes and nails now and the color is absolutely gorgeous. Its a brown nudey color but with a golden irridescent shimmer to it. Its soo pretty, I hope you can see the golden shimmer in the pics :D
It's such a beautiful polish and I don't have any like it.
You can see it better in this Pic...

Soooo yea I feel as if anybody who is into nail polish should pick this up, the colors are amazing, and it would be fun to try them all.:)

Do you have this set...which polish is your fave??? share with me Lovlies...<3

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