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Monday, December 17, 2012

*NEW* Elf Lustrous shadows

Do you like to make a BOLD statement with your eyes?? Are GLITTERY GLAM EYESHADOWS for you?? If so than the product I am about to show you should, and probably will be your best friend this holiday season (or any time of year for you DIVAS out there). These are the new shdows from E.L.F, the long lasting lustrous eyshadows. These currently come in seven different shades, mostly neautral colors but they are THE BOMB.COM. I only picked up 2 shades in my last E.L.F haul, but soon after placed another order with the rest of the shades. The 2 I picked up were "CONFETTI" and "TOAST".

 In their jars...
with cap open

I have not tried these products just yet on my eyes, but from swatching them on my arm and leaving them there for this blog post, you will need a primer with these.These are pigmented, and can be built up. They are a really gel like spongey consistency, and as you can tell from the picture above, you leave fingerprints in the product. Its really an ingenious product. I am impressed and cannot wait to include these in some of my christmas looks. 

They are very very shimmery to the point where they have glitter in them and are really sparkly, but the glitter is not chunky chunky to where you can feel it but it is there even after washing and wiping with makeup remover, which some of you may not like. These retail on E.L.F's website ( for a mere $3 and you can't g wrong with trying some for the holidays. NEW YEARS...maybe??

Will you pick these up..?? Tell me what you think :)

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