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Friday, December 21, 2012


I have been using this kit off and on for about 4 months, but now with my deployment I am going to be using this every single time I wash my hair. This set is amazing. Before I began talking about Carol's Daughter, the lines this hair brand has and all the products that I use from them, let me show you my transitioning hair....
This is my hair, freshly taken out of braids with plenty of build-up from sweat(i work out 6 days a week) oils (I use all natural oils most of the time from peppermint, tea tree, olive, almond, and coconut) and grease (carols daughter's healthy hair butter, hair balm, or mimosa hair honey). Now I don't use all these products all the time or every single day. Mostly its just the natural oil but sometimes i alternate. Now from what I can tell personally I have about 8-10 inches of hair on my head. When pulled straight or straightened with a flat-iron. About 4 1/2 inches of that is natural curly hair. I have bee transitioning for about 7 months now, with the first 3 not being the best. I was uneducated about my hair, and was really stubborn on learning what it MAY need. That's where I messed up, and I flat-ironed and blowdryed my hair every week, to match the textures. This was my 3rd time trying to go natural until I discovered 2 really helpful hair blogs and Carol's Daughter hair care products.

Curly Nikki Hair Blog
This hair blog helped me so much because it is not just the story of 1 woman and her hair journey, hair regimen, or hair issue's. There are tons of other women's story on there that (may include the same) products, regimen, and even hair type but every story is different. I learned a lot from women i've never met before and I took a lot of what they said and how they felt about their natural hair to heart and it encouraged me to learn more about my hair texture, and what I needed to do to begin my great journey with my own hair.

Black Girl With Long Hair
With so many phots's of girls, women, and babies rocking their natural locks, I couldn't help but stay motivated after reading and seeing the tons of stories, tips, and pics on this blog. Absolutely helpful in tutorials for your natural hair, and reasons to go natural, stay natural, and embrace natural. Tips on hair sheding, hair breakage and also the difference between the two. Your hair's porosity and mine and the difference it makes. Even product suggestions. This blog was a 1 stop shop for me, but because i'm being really open minded i checked out a few more. This 1 will always remain my favorite though.

Products I use on my hair/ Hair Regimen
I am a transitioner through protective styling now. So every chance I get I wrap my hair up in a ponytail, bun, braids, weave, or wigs. When I wash my hair thoroughly to get rid of buildup after wearing braids for 3 weeks for instance I use Carol's Daughter's Transitioning 1-2-3 kit as shown above. It comes with a low poo clarifying cleanser to get rid of build up without stripping the hair with harsh sulfates. Also comes with a renewing scalp spray to exfoliate the scalp and loosen scalp crusts inside the hair folicle (not as good as apple cider vinegar) but still gives that tingling feeling of your pores being opened. The last step is the anti breakage cream which nourishes the hair especially at the demarcation line where transitioning hair is prone to breakage. i especially like this step. While using this product I have noticed my curls are a lot softer and more defined. I always let my hair air-dry, never blow dry and they just curl up really tight. After using this kit I like to use either a leave in conditioner, or just regular olive oil to seal moisture in my air. Once its air dryed its either getting styled in a protective style, or getting worn loose for 2 days.
Transitioning with braids

When I'm co-washing my hair, I usually just use the Carol's Daughter Monoi Conditioner(pretty soon i might be using the hair milk conditioner for my curls), and monoi hair mask. Even with braids I do this. Co wash maybe about every 3 days. Once I do this I usually use the hair balm to soften my hair and leave it smelling good.  Before I get my braids or weave done I apply the healthy hair butter to protect from breakage during the process and then use the mimosa hair honey after its all done for shine.
My first ever twist-out

During the week I try to massage my scalp with olive oil,coconut oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, and peppermint oil, in any combination. I spray my do with water so the oils actually penetrate and I massage them directly onto my scalp anytime during the week when I feel my scalp being itchy.
Just took braids out

I try to get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks simply because I want the process to move along faster. It helps because I try to keep my hair above my collar and whenever I go get it straightened for trimming its always on or past my collar, so I know its growing well. 

I do take hair vitamins. Not for the growth of my hair but for the strength of it. Also the extra vitamins won't hurt nothing even if my hair doesnt benefit from them. I take Nature's Bounty hair skin and nail pills with 3000mcg of biotin, they have some with a higher dosage but this is fine for me. I take the recommended 3 a day (at nightime before i got to bed after coming from the gym and eating dinner) and they have helped a lot with the strengthening of my hair. 
Transitioning with a wig :)

Only use wide-teeth combs on my hair now since my hair is not thin like it used to be. I only heat straighten when getting my hair cut, and I air dry my hair everytime I wash it.
So far I believe I am doing good with my hair, it's healthy, my scalp is healthy, and it's growing marvelously to me. I am loving my curls and can't wait until my head is covered with them <3
This is a brand that specializes mostly in natural hair care, but for all hair types, and when they say natural they don't necessarily mean curly, kinky, ethnic hair, they just mean maybe unprocessed, non color treated hair. Chemicals can mean anything, not just a perm. Ok just wanted to clarify, but anywho they offer collections for dry hair, damaged hair, kids hair, curly wavy and frizzy hair, straight hair, and whatever else kind of hair you may have. They offere hair oils, hair dress, leave in conditioners, clarifying products and much more. They are a little bit pricey yes, and some of their products might not work for your hair, but it's all about finding what works for you. If you have the extra money I say go ahead and shed the extra $$ for some of their products to try. Most of the lines come with a tester starter kit for you to try for about $25 to see if its for you or not. I like this brand. Maybe you will too :)

Are you transitioning?? Tell me your fave products and regimen

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