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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ok, geesh, I know it has been waaayyy to long since I made a blog post but I've been meaning to get around to it. You guys have to understand, with being downrange and getting close to the leave date when i'm up out of here is a lot to deal with. But I got some new found things I want to post about. This being one of them. I have finally got the art of CONTOURING AND HIGHLIGHTING down pat. Sorry for my crappy ipod pictures but all the same you can see how I did.
Essentially this is how your face should look after you've contoured and highlighted, when you take a picture with the flash even during daylight, it should bounce off the high parts of your face and the shadows of your face should be dark of course. In this pic I contoured near my hairline, my jaw, the hollows of my cheek, and my nose. I highlighted under my eye, the tops of my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose and my forehead. I also highlighted the inner corner of my eyes and under my brows and my cupids bow.
HIGHLIGHT: Laura Mercier secret brightener #2 on nose, under eye,tops of cheek and forehead, highlight eyeshadow color for brows and inner corner eye, elf lip definer and shaper for cupids bow
CONTOUR: Elf blush and bronzer duo in Antigua contour on hairline, jaw, hollow of cheek, sides of nose and the blush for cheeks

In these next pics I actually used concealer to highlight and contour. I applied revlons colorstay concealer in deep in a triangle under both eyes, in a little circle on my forehead, above my brows and on my chin. I then blended it out with a regular ol blending sponge. As for the contouring I used ELF's concealer palette in dark. the dark colors were used to contour the hollows of my cheeks, forhead and the sides of my nose.

Here you can clearly see the highlighted parts of my face and the contouring I did on my forehead.

These pics came out pretty blurry, but were taken at night in my room with the flash of my ipod...but you guys can clarly see the contrast from both products on my face. My forehead, undereye, cheeks and chin are much lighter than the rest of my face where the shadows are hitting, but not so much that's its too light and ashy looking. You can achieve this by using a concealer at least 2 shades lighter than your skintone. If you are new at this I recommend going to get color matched instead of picking on your own. I just used a concealer I forgot I had that was too light to use, or at least I thought was too light to use.

Contour pic from the side...

How do you contour and highlight??

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

V-Day Makeup Made Simple

Are you staying home with the hubby for Valentine's day and just having a nice quiet dinner, or are you guy's going out somewhere for dinner? Either way you still want to look your best on this day even with just some simple makeup. For the non-extravagant makeup enthusiasts, here's a very simple but still very CUTE v-day look.
This look is simple because you can piece it apart or together to fit your needs, don't want to wear foundation, skip it and just apply brush and bronzer, don't want to wear eyeshdow, skip it and just apply foundation and blush and blush or bronzer? Make just your eyes the center of attention, he'll be gazing in them all night anyhow. Here's what you'll need for this look.


  • mineral infused face primer (clear)
  • tinted moisturizer (expresso)
  • complete coverage concealer (dark)
  • tone correcting powder (warm)
  • pressed powder (almond)
  • eyelid primer (pearl)
  • baked eyeshadow (pixie)
  • baked eyeshadow (bark)
  • pigment shadow (innocent ivory)
  • jumbo eyeshadow stick (feeling lucky)
  • waterproof eyeliner crayon (champagne)
  • liquid liner (coffee)
  • eyebrow lifter and filler (dark)
  • contouring blush and bronzer (turks and caicos)
  • mineral blush (plum)
  • liquid lipstick (perfect pink)
Prime your face using the face primer
prime your eyelids next
taking the baked shadow in pixie apply this color from the inner corner to about halfway your lid
using the baked shadow in bark shade the rest of your lid and the outter V for definition and transition
line your top lashline with the liuid liner in coffee
line your bottom waterline with the eyeliner crayon in champagne
line only the outer third of your lower lashline with the jumbo eyeshadow stick in feeling lucky
fill in and shape brows with the lifter and filler, use a little of the liter under the arch of your brows
taking the pigment eyeshadow shade from your crease to the arch of your brow
Apply your tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck
conceal any ares that need concealing and powder them with the tone correct powder for added neautralizing
apply your pressed powder all over your face to set everything
apply the blush to the apples of the cheek and sweep back into the hairline
apply bronzer directly under blush for contouring
finish off with the liquid lipstick in perfect pink

What's your valentine's day look??

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Designer Jewelry ***$8.99***

I just checked my e-mail this morning and saw 1 from Jewelmint. I havent been on the website in awhile but I was curious to see what the e-mail contained. Well I'm sooo glad I opened it  because they have a special promo going on right NOW!! 2 IN FACT!! HOW EXCITING

You cannot beat that seriously, a $30 necklace for only $8.99 c'mon people...SHOP!!


For those of you who don't know what jewelmint is, its a membership website, where you basically become a member for free and you get exclusive access to designer jewelry for so cheap and the designs and quality are very nice. They have pics of the models wearing the jewelry too so you can guesstimate the size because I know things look huge on the internet but when you get them in person it's like huh?? What's this??

You get reward points and things like that also for making purchases and also referring friends. These points go toward your purchases and you get even more discounts off of these amazing items.

This is my referral ID so buy away, and we can both EARN BIG!!

Are You Guy's Tired of My ELF Hauling yet??

I'll keep it short and simple guys lol...
I ordered these things..AGES ago but they were sent to my mom's house during the holiday's and she was out of town, and running around with my son and doing other things, not in to much of a hurry to ship my things out to me...SMH, but I FINALLY got them now and this was what I got...not a huge order...
 3 jumbo lipgloss sticks($2ea) (movie star, sangria starters, coco loco)
2 jumbo eyeshadow sticks($2ea) (midnight rendevous, forest nymph)
 Makeup remover pen($3), eyebrow lifter and filler($3) (dark) duo eye sharpener($1)
 4 more long lasting lustrous eyeshadows($3) (celebration, festivity,soiree,party) baked eyeshadow($3) (pixie)
 Custom compact($1) and custom eyeshadows($1ea.) (Taupe, purple, peach fizz, teal)
small stipple brush($3) that i've been wanting for ages

Sunday, February 3, 2013


All the things I got from E.L.F this past week, a lot of things were repurchases that I needed right away, and some were things I had had my eye on and i thought why the heck not. This order was placed during the last day of the $15 worth of refresh category items free promo, and I'm so glad I took advantage of it because the refresh items some were things I really needed to "REFRESH" my makeup collection, so here's what all I picked up...
  • Makeup remover cleansing cloths (x2)
  • Makeup Mist and Set(repurchase)
  • Brush shampoo(repurchase)
  • Complete coverage concealer (repurchase)
  • Eyebrow treat and tame Dark (repurchase)
  • Mascara and shadow shield
  • Lip exfoliator (repurchase)
  • Blush and bronzer duo Turks and Caicos (repurchase)
  • Mineral blush Plum
  • Baked blush Passion Pink
  • Studio Blush Candid Coral (repurchase)
  • Eyebrow Stencils
  • Cream eyeliner Teal and Copper (copper repurchase)
  • Essentail lipsticks Posh and Gypsy (both repurchases)
  • Mineral INFUSED mascara
  • Essential Glitter Mascaras (*NEW ITEM*)
  • Glossy Gloss Muted Mauve
  • Wet gloss lash and brow mascara (repurchase)
  • Mineral Lipgloss Night Owl
So I did get quite a few things, and the total was $39.95 which is great for so many studio items. Since a lot of these were repurchases I do like them a lot and reccomend them, and the new products, baked blush, glitter mascara, shadow shield I have yet to try, but will definately incorporate them in future looks. Hope you like my haul. I have another 1 that will be posted by the end of this week coming up.

B'More Raven's Inspired MakeUp

Ok so I was looking at the Covergirl facebook page and OMG they have the cutest little designs for Superbowl sunday for nails. Out of the teams "Baltimore Ravens and the 49'ERS. So I was inspired to do a makeup look using one of the teams and google...The Ravens. Maybe I'll try the look for the 49'ers also but for right now I'm rooting for the Raven's and was able to recreate this gorgeous eye design for the event. :D ENJOY!!
This look is super easy to create if you have a semi-steady hand, to make the eyeliner really precise. I only did my right eye with the design because I felt like both eyes with the "bird-wings" would be to much,especially if you're going to a bar or a restaurant to watch the game. It's very festive with just the one eye, and it'll make people do a double glance. Here's how I created this look...


  • eyelid primer (pearl)
  • 32 piece eyeshadow palette (brights)
  • long lasting lustrous eyeshadow (toast)
  • pigment eyeshadow (golden goddess)
  • liquid liner (black)
  • falsie's (dramatic kit $1)
  • eyebrow kit (dark)
  • eyebrow stencil (soft arch)
  • face primer (radiant glow)
  • complete coverage concealer (dark)
  • tone correcting concealer (spice)
  • tinted moisturizer (expresso)
  • tone correcting powder (warm)
  • pressed powder (almond)
  • contouring blush and bronzer duo(turks and caicos)
  • glitter glosses (sparkling wine, bronzed bling)

start by filling in your brows first, this way when your eye makeup is done you don't have to worry about messing it up when you hold the stencils in place. Hold stencil to your eyebrow, most of your hair should fit inside the stencil, fill in with eyebrow kit, tweeze any stray out of place hairs
Next prime your entire eye with the eyelid primer
Using the 2nd checked color on the last row in the everyday palette, apply this color all over the lid and into the crease
Using the 1st checked color in the last row apply this on top of that color
Taking the pigment eyeshadow in golden goddess, apply this directly on top of the purples only in the inner corner of the eye to about a fourth of the inner part of the eye
Layer the lustrous shadow in toast on top of golden goddess (layer until the true gold shows through)
Using the vanilla color checked in the first row apply this above the crease and to the brow bone
NOW to start lining, I didnt use anything to help me line my eyes for the wings, just good ol steady cat eye lining
Taking your liquid liner, from your crease to the outer corner of your eye draw a line going down (this will help you determine where the 3 wings will go)
Line your top lashline and make a dramatic flick cateye when you get to the outer corner (first wing)
going up a little more directly in your crease, make another dramatic flick cateye, bringing it out more
Starting from the crease again but this time bringing the cateye up towards the eyebrow make another dramatic flick upwards and outwards ending at the end of your eyebrow
Line just the top lashline with a dramatic cayeye on the other eye to keep them guessing
Taking the two purples used on the lid apply them with a smudge brush to the lower lashline, apply toast on the bottom lashline only in the inner corner
apply your dramatic falsie's and apply mascara (if necessary)
curl your lashes into the falsie's
Apply face primer
Apply tinted moisturizer, then spot conceal undereyes, and blemishes
apply the tone correct powder to anywhere u applied concealer
Sweep the pressed powder all over the face
Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks blending backwards
contour under your cheekbones
apply both glitter glosses AAAANNDD...



Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I use ELF complete coverage concealer & tone correcting concealer

Lately I've been really thinking about buying the Bobbi Brown Corrector and the concealer/powder palette ever since I read her book "The Makeup Manual" on my kindle last week. But if you guys have bought or even have heard of Bobbi Brown than you already know those products are not cheap. But they do live up to all expectations and perform how they should. I'm into makeup a lot and I know a lot of people say concealer is the 1 thing you should splurge on since it's doing a lot of correcting and hiding and can determine whether or not you can go with a light foundation or more heavier foundation. Well I have come to say BA-HUMBUG on spending anywhere from $20-$40 on a concealer. I myself have discovered that my skin is not very problematic and doesn't even really need concealer except for the undereyes and around the mouth where it tends to be darker(and the occasional blemish I get maybe once a month IF THAT). I've discovered how to use my favorite brand E.L.F the same way I would if I bought the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer. Now I know that the product I'm going to show you isn't meant to be a corrector but I've found its use good for that reason, so here goes.

It's my E.L.F complete coverage concealer in the shade dark. I have had this concealer for awhile now and I absolutely LOVE it, I just made a repurchase of this and you will see it soon in my next E.L.F haul. I use this product for multipurpose things, my undereye circles, blemishes, covering up the little craters I have on my face and even for contouring. I get the most out of this product, but lately what I have been using it for is a base for the next product I'm about to show you...
My tone correcting concealer. Now I have found a way to incorporate both of these concealers in my beauty routine for my undereye area. Ever since I came to Afghanistan my undereye circles have gotten a tad bit darker and the wrinkles are deeper. They have been troubling me so much that I bought an anti-wrinkle undereye cream. (didn't think I would need those for some only 21, just turned 21) So yea, but I have found a way to reduce both of these using my eye cream and just these cheapie cosmetics :)
The first color of the concealer palette I apply under my eyes and let it sit while I do other parts of my face. Then I just take my tone correcting concealer and apply 2 coats of it to my under eye area, the skin around it, and in a v shape from the side of my nose, down and then back up.
 This is me with neither 1 of my undereye areas done.
 This is me with the right eye done...(your right)
 Right eye done...
Right eye done with flash, so you can see the color difference and the brightening effect this gives.
I think the reason these products work so well is because I'm using a concealer base that's a little lighter than my skintone and a little bit more yellowtoned so it cancels out the darkness first (sort of how a corrector would correct) and then I am applying a concealer thats's a shade or two lighter than my skin tone on top of that concealer base and its giving me the brightening effect. In my opinion these products are working wonders for my eyes, and make me feel so much better about my wrinkles and the darkness. hopefully the eye cream I have can counteract the wrinkles and the darkness so they're gone, but that's wishful thinking.
So forget Bobbi Brown and her expensive concealer and corrector. I have a $3 product, and a $1 that I feel performs great for me. Now unless I don't set this with a powder it will seep into my fine under eye wrinkles and crease during the day. I typically set this with my tone correcting powder in warm unless I'm in a rush. (I use the yellow and peach shade to keep the brightening effect going strong). 
So yes maybe some people SHOULD invest in a good concealer if they're skin is more problematic.  But for those of you who are like me (on a budget, and have ok skin) I think you can find a good concealer out there that doesn't cost $40. You just have to find what works for you. I DID...


Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Protective Style (Natural Hair)

Hola my natural hair girlie's. Guess who's got a NEW  protective style. Yes I took down my sew-in bob weave that I had in all my other blog posts and washed my hair with the Carols' Daughter Monoi Conditioner, then followed up with the Organic Root Stimulator Protein treatment, the Carols daughter Monoi Hair Mask (makes hair soooo soft) and then my Giovanni Leave in Conditioner. Now my hair got super tangled because I did not properly clear my hair of the little shed hairs that weave their way through your hair while its braided up and I spent about an hour detangling my hair trying not to pull out much of it, even with conditioner on it. NEVER AGAIN...and i'm also going to get the Quiad double comb detangler. It's supposed to help so we'll see. i'll do a review on that. But anywho, I let a friend of mine out here braid me back up, and I now have a lacefront on top of the braids. I'm gonna rock this for about a month before I take it down and retire it. It's a synthetic curly lacefront I ordered from, I get most of my weave from them. I believe this wig was about $30-$40. You get points everytime you buy something with them which qualifies towards free shipping or a percentage off or something like that. Which is really great for me since I order there all the time. Anywho under the wig i wear something like a stocking cap to keep the inside of the wig from rubbing my hair and the combs in this wig from slipping. I work out in this wig also but when I come home I take it off to let it air out and I moisturize my hair and wrap a satin cap on it at night. I will wash my hair about every 2 weeks until i take the braids out since I workout everyday and sweat isn't great for any hair type. Anywho i'll keep you guy's updated on my protective style and my natural hair growth.


Valentine's Day Eyes/face

The Love day is almost upon us soon and you want to be perfect for this day. regardless of whether you have a special person or not, you should still look impressive and very festive. Even here all the way in Afghanistan, i'm thinking about this special day, and while I was thinking I decided to play around in the makeup and came up with a very festive and perfect valentine's day party face. It's more on the extreme side so it would work perfect for a party or if you're going somewhere really jazzy as opposed to the usual dinner date. I will create another toned down look especially for those of you who are spending a nice quiet evening with your loved one and don't want to be too made up ;)

I basically just did a nice eye with some pink and purple and lots of shimmer with black liner and false dramatic lashes. I added some really nice pinky blush (my fave blush EVER) and some pinkish red lips.
Hope you guys like it...

  • 32 piece palette (brights)
  • 32 piece palette (everyday)
  • lustrous eyeshadow (confetti)
  • eyelid primer (pearl)
  • cream liner (black)
  • liquid liner (black)
  • shimmer eyeliner (black)
  • shimmer eyeliner (precious pink)
  • falsies(dramatic)
  • eyelash curler
  • eyebrow kit (dark)
  • complete coverage concealer
  • tone correcting concealer
  • tinted moisturizer (expresso)
  • blush (mellow mauve)
  • baked bronzer (maui, los cabos)
  • luscious liquid lipstick (pink lemonade)


Prime the eyelids with the pearl primer
apply the confetti shadow to the inner fourth of the eye (this is really really shimmer and will not apply evenly if you're not careful)
on top of the confetti shadow add the white shimmery color from the everyday palette, its the first checked color on the top row
in the middle of the eye apply the 1st checked color on the 2nd row of the everyday palette onto the middle of the lid
Now taking the bright fuschia pink color apply this to the outer v of your eye, building the color until its true intensity.
Next taking the 3rd checked color in the everyday palette apply just a tad of this color on top of the fuschia in a small V shape.
Right on top of that purple shade, take a tiny bit of the matte black and apply on top of the purple, this is just for some depth to the eye look
apply the shimmery pink to the brow bone for a highlight
Take an angled eyeliner brush and apply your cream liner
apply your falsies, curl them with +the eyelash curler
reline your eyes with the liquid liner
line your waterline with the shimmer eyeliner in black
line the lower lashline with your pink shimmer eyeliner
fill in brows
apply under eye concealer (i use the complete coverage concealer as a base then apply the tone correcting concealer over it to brighten the undereye area)
apply your tinted moisturizer so your face makeup can be more natural and radiant while your eyes WOW
apply some blush to the apples of the cheeks
i applied the los cabos bronzer to the underside of the cheeks and maui on top of the cheeks as a highlight
apply the luscious liquid lipstick

What are you wearing for valentine's day??

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Everyday Eyes

This simple eye makeup was done by me this morning just because. It's a neutral everyday eye that I would wear during the day and at night. It can be as toned down or as extreme as you want, you can add a bigger wing liner, or no wing at all, you can totally skip the black outer V or go even bolder and make it darker. I'ts up to you. I'm just giving you the tools and some simple instructions :). I didn't do the whole face look but i just paired these eyes with a matte face, some bronzer and the luscious lipstick in strawberry for some subtle yet noticeable red lips. Here it is 



prime eyes with eyelid primer
taking your eyeshadow c brush, apply the 2nd checked color in the first row to the entire lid
going back with your eyeshadowc brush apply the 1st checked color in the 2nd row on top of that shadow on the lid
using your blending eye brush blend your transition color which is the 3rd checked color in the 1st row into your crease and above the crease
with your contur brush sweep the 2nd checked color in the 2nd row into your crease lightly and your outter v
with your angled contour brush pick up the checked color in the 3rd row (black, be careful its super pigmented, at least mine is) tap off excess and slowly work this into the outer v building the color up if you need too
go over the black with the 2nd checked color in the 2nd row to keep it from being to harsh
line your eye with the liquid liner
apply the 1st checked in the 1st row to the inner corner of the eye and also about a 3rd of the way on your lower lash line
liner your waterline with the mineral liner
line only the outer portion of your lashline with the shimmer liner, apply the black from the palette for staying power with the smudge brush
apply mascara and you're done with these EVERYDAY eyes :)
Will you wear this look everyday??


Ok enough of the yelling, but I find this look so beautiful and exotic. Im kind of keeping with the whole desert exotic eye makeup look. This really SHOUTS exotic. Here's the look...hope you guys absolutely love it!!
This look is sooo simple even though it may seem a bit complex and a bit much, its not. I recreated this look using of course my E.L.F products. My 100 marble palette to be specific. The colors are gorgeous and work really well.
These are the colors I used for this look. I'll tell you exactly where in the tutorial.

  • 100 marble palette
  • cream eyeliner (black)
  • mineral eyeliner (black)
  • essential eye widener (white)
  • shimmer eyeliner (gunmetal)
  • lash collection ($4 flirty)
  • eyelid primer (champagne)
  • eyebrow kit (dark)
  • wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara
  • eyelash curler
  • small smudge brush
  • contour brush
  • angled contour brush
  • mini brushes that came with pigment shadows
  • angled eyeliner brush
  • business card
prime eyes with champagne eyelid primer
taking the coral shade in the 5th column, 8th row, apply this to the inner portion of the eye (about a 4th of the way) with either the small smudge brush or the mini brushes.
taking your contour brush pick up the teal blue in the 9th column 7th row and apply this on your lid, once you get to the outter corner start winging it upward (hold the business card along your eye to get the sharper edge)
taking that same coral shade you used in the inner part of the eye, use it n the crease and above the crease to blend out the harsh line of the blue
taking the shimmery ocean green in the 6th column 8th row, apply directly in the crease and out to the wing you made
take both highlight shades in the 1st row and use to highlight your browbone and inner corner of the eye
with the shimmer eyeliner in gunmetal make a wing line only on the outter v of your eye directly under the wing you made with the eyeshadow
directly under that wing take the eyewidener pencil and apply another wing line
using the mini brushes apply the shimmery gray color in the 10th column, 6th row to the bottom lashline
using the matte black apply lightly on top of the gray shadow only on the outer portion of the lashline
using the shimmery gray in the same column 8th row apply that on top of the other gray on the inner portion of the eye
line the eye using you cream liner and angled eyeliner brush
apply falsies and curl your lashes into the falsies
line your bottom waterline with the mineral eyeliner
fill in brows and apply staying power by layering the clear gloss on top of the color from the brow kit


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin AND Nail Pills Review

To get a little off the makeup topic I want to tell you guys about these amazing little pills I stumbled across before my deployment and I live by them now. These are the Nature's bounty Hair Skin AND Nail pills with 3000mcg of biotin an 45mg of collagen. These pills are (as described by the company)a Dietary Supplement. Nutritional support for your skin, hair & nails. Nature's Bounty Skin, Hair and Nails formula tablets provide a combination of nutrients consistently found in healthy skin, hair and nails. Guaranteed Free of: Wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, sugar, preservatives, artificial color, artificial flavor, sodium (less than 5 mg per serving).

I started taking these pills after I seen reviews on amazon. I saw them in my local PX and wanted to try them but I wanted to know if they actually worked, if not I could just take a regular multi-vitamin or finish offmy prenatals from my pregnancy. But the reviews were essentially good so I bought 2 bottles to try. I wanted them specifically for my hair. My skin is not PERFECT but it's fine on its own, and my nails have always grown fast and super long and are strong. So if it worked for my hair I would be a customer for life.

So I know you're wondering if these actually work for me. Yes they do...My hair is stronger than's growing tremendously and I'm now on my 3rd bottle and i am almost dne with these and am gonna order another 2 or 3 bottles to hold me over for awhile. I have been using these for 3 months (not consistently i'm sorry to say) and I have seen a huge difference in my hair. You are supposed to take these pills 3 times a day of course in the morning, for lunch, and for dinner. And with these you have to drink lots of water so you don't get these huge cystic acne pimples, or headaches because it's so many vitamins in there and if your body is not used to them you will feel yucky. I just take all three of mine after dinner with a full bottle water (I also drink water during the day) and that's what works for me. So I recommend these for hair growth and strengthening. I don't know about skin and nails, mine havent gotten any better but I did see reviews of it going good for others, sooo in general I say give these pills a try :)

Desert eye MAKEUP

It feels like I haven't done a blogpost in sooo long. So much has been going out here in the desert. I got moved to another fob and its just been kind of hard adjusting. BOO right?? But anywho, its not stopping me from my favorite past time. MAKEUP!! I created this random look out of nowhere and thought I would share it with you guys :D. I have been experimenting a lot with my E.L.F 100 piece marble palette that got sent for free with an order I made from them a few weeks back. I actually really like this palette and I can see myself coming up with lots of new looks to post about ;) Sooo enough's the look and how I created it...

Excuse all the little hairs all on my forehead and my eyebrows >_< im no longer at a fob where i can get them arched, so they're pretty outta hand and also i'm taking these hair,skin, and nail pills by Nature's bounty and I just have hair growing all over the place, AND FAST TOO (ok TMI right) but anywho i'll do a review on those pills and how good they work at growing and strengthening your hair. But yes this is the look and I only used 3 colors and a highlight, so fairly simple. I added half strips falsie's because this is supposed to be a more exotic look and yea...I really like it. Now here's how to achieve it.


start by applying your eye primer all over the eye
next apply your face primer (so skin will be smooth by the time you finish the eyes)
taking the eyeshadow brush pick up the coppery gold color in the 5th column 4th row of the 100 palette
apply all over lid
taking your contour brush and the dark chocolate brown in the 3rd column last row, add it to the outer V of the eye and a fourth of the way into the crease, blend nicely\using the angled contour brush take the shimmery gold in the 5th column 1st row and apply above the crease, blend edges
use your finger to apply brow highlight which is the orangey beige color in the 5th column 6th row
Taking your liquid liner line the eye with a medium line making it thicker as you get to the edge of the eye, make a perfect cat eye at the end
apply the hlf strip of falsies and go back over the lash band with the liner
curl your lashes into the falsies
apply mineral liner in black to the waterlines
using the shadow part of the liner and shadow stick, apply to the inner corner of the eye
using the smudge brush apply the shadow you applied to the lids to the bottom lash line

Fill in brows with brow kit
Apply tinted moisturizer with angled foundation brush
Use concealer brush to apply concealer under the eyes and to blemish areas
apply the tone correct powder to any places you applied concealer
finish with your pressed powder
apply liquid lipstick in bark for the perfect nude glossy lip
Did you guys like this look, is it exotic?? Will you try it??