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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I use ELF complete coverage concealer & tone correcting concealer

Lately I've been really thinking about buying the Bobbi Brown Corrector and the concealer/powder palette ever since I read her book "The Makeup Manual" on my kindle last week. But if you guys have bought or even have heard of Bobbi Brown than you already know those products are not cheap. But they do live up to all expectations and perform how they should. I'm into makeup a lot and I know a lot of people say concealer is the 1 thing you should splurge on since it's doing a lot of correcting and hiding and can determine whether or not you can go with a light foundation or more heavier foundation. Well I have come to say BA-HUMBUG on spending anywhere from $20-$40 on a concealer. I myself have discovered that my skin is not very problematic and doesn't even really need concealer except for the undereyes and around the mouth where it tends to be darker(and the occasional blemish I get maybe once a month IF THAT). I've discovered how to use my favorite brand E.L.F the same way I would if I bought the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer. Now I know that the product I'm going to show you isn't meant to be a corrector but I've found its use good for that reason, so here goes.

It's my E.L.F complete coverage concealer in the shade dark. I have had this concealer for awhile now and I absolutely LOVE it, I just made a repurchase of this and you will see it soon in my next E.L.F haul. I use this product for multipurpose things, my undereye circles, blemishes, covering up the little craters I have on my face and even for contouring. I get the most out of this product, but lately what I have been using it for is a base for the next product I'm about to show you...
My tone correcting concealer. Now I have found a way to incorporate both of these concealers in my beauty routine for my undereye area. Ever since I came to Afghanistan my undereye circles have gotten a tad bit darker and the wrinkles are deeper. They have been troubling me so much that I bought an anti-wrinkle undereye cream. (didn't think I would need those for some only 21, just turned 21) So yea, but I have found a way to reduce both of these using my eye cream and just these cheapie cosmetics :)
The first color of the concealer palette I apply under my eyes and let it sit while I do other parts of my face. Then I just take my tone correcting concealer and apply 2 coats of it to my under eye area, the skin around it, and in a v shape from the side of my nose, down and then back up.
 This is me with neither 1 of my undereye areas done.
 This is me with the right eye done...(your right)
 Right eye done...
Right eye done with flash, so you can see the color difference and the brightening effect this gives.
I think the reason these products work so well is because I'm using a concealer base that's a little lighter than my skintone and a little bit more yellowtoned so it cancels out the darkness first (sort of how a corrector would correct) and then I am applying a concealer thats's a shade or two lighter than my skin tone on top of that concealer base and its giving me the brightening effect. In my opinion these products are working wonders for my eyes, and make me feel so much better about my wrinkles and the darkness. hopefully the eye cream I have can counteract the wrinkles and the darkness so they're gone, but that's wishful thinking.
So forget Bobbi Brown and her expensive concealer and corrector. I have a $3 product, and a $1 that I feel performs great for me. Now unless I don't set this with a powder it will seep into my fine under eye wrinkles and crease during the day. I typically set this with my tone correcting powder in warm unless I'm in a rush. (I use the yellow and peach shade to keep the brightening effect going strong). 
So yes maybe some people SHOULD invest in a good concealer if they're skin is more problematic.  But for those of you who are like me (on a budget, and have ok skin) I think you can find a good concealer out there that doesn't cost $40. You just have to find what works for you. I DID...


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