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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine's Day Eyes/face

The Love day is almost upon us soon and you want to be perfect for this day. regardless of whether you have a special person or not, you should still look impressive and very festive. Even here all the way in Afghanistan, i'm thinking about this special day, and while I was thinking I decided to play around in the makeup and came up with a very festive and perfect valentine's day party face. It's more on the extreme side so it would work perfect for a party or if you're going somewhere really jazzy as opposed to the usual dinner date. I will create another toned down look especially for those of you who are spending a nice quiet evening with your loved one and don't want to be too made up ;)

I basically just did a nice eye with some pink and purple and lots of shimmer with black liner and false dramatic lashes. I added some really nice pinky blush (my fave blush EVER) and some pinkish red lips.
Hope you guys like it...

  • 32 piece palette (brights)
  • 32 piece palette (everyday)
  • lustrous eyeshadow (confetti)
  • eyelid primer (pearl)
  • cream liner (black)
  • liquid liner (black)
  • shimmer eyeliner (black)
  • shimmer eyeliner (precious pink)
  • falsies(dramatic)
  • eyelash curler
  • eyebrow kit (dark)
  • complete coverage concealer
  • tone correcting concealer
  • tinted moisturizer (expresso)
  • blush (mellow mauve)
  • baked bronzer (maui, los cabos)
  • luscious liquid lipstick (pink lemonade)


Prime the eyelids with the pearl primer
apply the confetti shadow to the inner fourth of the eye (this is really really shimmer and will not apply evenly if you're not careful)
on top of the confetti shadow add the white shimmery color from the everyday palette, its the first checked color on the top row
in the middle of the eye apply the 1st checked color on the 2nd row of the everyday palette onto the middle of the lid
Now taking the bright fuschia pink color apply this to the outer v of your eye, building the color until its true intensity.
Next taking the 3rd checked color in the everyday palette apply just a tad of this color on top of the fuschia in a small V shape.
Right on top of that purple shade, take a tiny bit of the matte black and apply on top of the purple, this is just for some depth to the eye look
apply the shimmery pink to the brow bone for a highlight
Take an angled eyeliner brush and apply your cream liner
apply your falsies, curl them with +the eyelash curler
reline your eyes with the liquid liner
line your waterline with the shimmer eyeliner in black
line the lower lashline with your pink shimmer eyeliner
fill in brows
apply under eye concealer (i use the complete coverage concealer as a base then apply the tone correcting concealer over it to brighten the undereye area)
apply your tinted moisturizer so your face makeup can be more natural and radiant while your eyes WOW
apply some blush to the apples of the cheeks
i applied the los cabos bronzer to the underside of the cheeks and maui on top of the cheeks as a highlight
apply the luscious liquid lipstick

What are you wearing for valentine's day??

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