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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are You Guy's Tired of My ELF Hauling yet??

I'll keep it short and simple guys lol...
I ordered these things..AGES ago but they were sent to my mom's house during the holiday's and she was out of town, and running around with my son and doing other things, not in to much of a hurry to ship my things out to me...SMH, but I FINALLY got them now and this was what I got...not a huge order...
 3 jumbo lipgloss sticks($2ea) (movie star, sangria starters, coco loco)
2 jumbo eyeshadow sticks($2ea) (midnight rendevous, forest nymph)
 Makeup remover pen($3), eyebrow lifter and filler($3) (dark) duo eye sharpener($1)
 4 more long lasting lustrous eyeshadows($3) (celebration, festivity,soiree,party) baked eyeshadow($3) (pixie)
 Custom compact($1) and custom eyeshadows($1ea.) (Taupe, purple, peach fizz, teal)
small stipple brush($3) that i've been wanting for ages


  1. Just received 2 of the jumbo eyeshadow pencils in the mail yesterday, have you tried them out yet?
    I was not a huge fan of the smell but so far the color pay off is really good!

  2. I really like them, its just i have oily lids and without the mineral primer ($3) they crease really bad

    1. They are very creamy so I was worried about the creasing but I have extremely dry skin so I'm hoping they don't crease on me because the color tattoos by Maybelline crease on me right away and it's unfortunate because they are like $7.

    2. I wanted to try those tatoos just never got around to buying them, but let me know if they don't crease on you at all

    3. I'll definitely let you know once I use them.