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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ok, geesh, I know it has been waaayyy to long since I made a blog post but I've been meaning to get around to it. You guys have to understand, with being downrange and getting close to the leave date when i'm up out of here is a lot to deal with. But I got some new found things I want to post about. This being one of them. I have finally got the art of CONTOURING AND HIGHLIGHTING down pat. Sorry for my crappy ipod pictures but all the same you can see how I did.
Essentially this is how your face should look after you've contoured and highlighted, when you take a picture with the flash even during daylight, it should bounce off the high parts of your face and the shadows of your face should be dark of course. In this pic I contoured near my hairline, my jaw, the hollows of my cheek, and my nose. I highlighted under my eye, the tops of my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose and my forehead. I also highlighted the inner corner of my eyes and under my brows and my cupids bow.
HIGHLIGHT: Laura Mercier secret brightener #2 on nose, under eye,tops of cheek and forehead, highlight eyeshadow color for brows and inner corner eye, elf lip definer and shaper for cupids bow
CONTOUR: Elf blush and bronzer duo in Antigua contour on hairline, jaw, hollow of cheek, sides of nose and the blush for cheeks

In these next pics I actually used concealer to highlight and contour. I applied revlons colorstay concealer in deep in a triangle under both eyes, in a little circle on my forehead, above my brows and on my chin. I then blended it out with a regular ol blending sponge. As for the contouring I used ELF's concealer palette in dark. the dark colors were used to contour the hollows of my cheeks, forhead and the sides of my nose.

Here you can clearly see the highlighted parts of my face and the contouring I did on my forehead.

These pics came out pretty blurry, but were taken at night in my room with the flash of my ipod...but you guys can clarly see the contrast from both products on my face. My forehead, undereye, cheeks and chin are much lighter than the rest of my face where the shadows are hitting, but not so much that's its too light and ashy looking. You can achieve this by using a concealer at least 2 shades lighter than your skintone. If you are new at this I recommend going to get color matched instead of picking on your own. I just used a concealer I forgot I had that was too light to use, or at least I thought was too light to use.

Contour pic from the side...

How do you contour and highlight??


  1. Great post! I am still perfecting the art of contouring and highlighting. What is your favorite highlighter?

  2. As of now my favorite is the Laura Mercier highlighter pen in #2 and the ELF shimmer palette. I like the palette because of the different colors and how they can all be used all over the face for different things. Neither of these highlighters are over the top or greasy.

  3. Ah okay! I have never used a highlighter before, I think I will purchase the e.l.f. shimmer palette with my next order to try it out!